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    MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA is one of the crew manning agencies in Indonesia. We offer complete crew management services to all types of vessels through our crew competence centre located in most of the seafaring nations across the globe.

  • Esablishment Company

    MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA , incorporated in January 27, 2001, is an established full scale manning agency. Duly accredited by the Indonesia Overseas Employment Administration (IOEA) to recruit and deploy qualified seafarers for international vessels, it provides quality and cost effective operations adaptable to the needs of principals and ship owners..

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    “ MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA“, a manning agency duly licensed by Indonesia Overseas Employment Administration under Department of Labor and Employment. We come across to your good company through Internet browsing and become interested to cooperate in one of your business needs..

  • Fishing Crew Management

    MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA Crew management is a fast growing and people-driven organization that firmly believes individual excellence translates into Organizational accomplishments. The company overall objective is provide stability and continuity of personnel, bringing significant benefits to the performance of a prospective owner/ ship manager/ client’s fleet..

  • Our Clien

    Many fishing vessel owner at ASIA , ARABIA , AUSTRALIA , EUROPE and RUSSIA.

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We PT MOLAJAYA  are attracting, recruiting, placing and retaining the qualified and experienced fishing crew and seafood processor to work for :
  • Fishing Vessel 
    Tuna/Bottom Longliner, Deep sea/Factory Trawler, Purse Seiner, Reefer Vessel, Fish Mother Ship, Fish Collecting Vessel
  • Seafood Processing Plant/Factory


Qualifications of Fishing Crew

  • Maximum age of 40 years old
  • Having at least 4 years working experience on the same position and type of fishing vessel
  • Having experienced in gilled and gutted, cut head and fish maintenance on board
  • Good in English language, including understand the terminology of Fishing industry
  • Medically FIT for sea/shore duties, including drug & alcohol test
  • Dedicated, strong, discipline and willing to follow directions and abide the safety rules
  • Willing to do hard work and are not prone to complaining
  • Able to get along well with other people in remote and sometimes adverse conditions
  • Willing to work in a multi-cultural environment and anywhere of seas

Qualifications of Seafood Processor

  • Maximum 45 years of age
  • Holding HACCP certificates
  • Good in English language, including understand the terminology of seafood processing
  • Having at least 2 years experience working in food production and able to work with seafood including various types of fish and fish eggs
  • Able to work long hours and stand on feet doing repetitive motion for up to 16 hours a day
  • Discipline, willing to follow directions and adhere to work and safety rules
  • Willing to do hard work and are not prone to complaining
  • Able to work well with others and live harmoniously with room-mates and others of diverse backgrounds in a confined area
  • Willing to work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Able to adapt with cold, wet, and have a pervasive seafood odor working conditions

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