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Bibby Ship Management

Bibby Ship Management offers its customers a true one-stop-shop service of full crew and technical management and is part of the Bibby Line Group which is headquarted in Liverpool.

We have offices in the UK, Western Europe, Norway, Eastern Europe, India, Indonesia the Indonesia and Singapore all of which offer the following services:

  • Technical Management
  • Crew Management Services
  • Training and Development
  • Payroll and employment services
  • Marine & Business Travel
  • Industrial Relations
  • Flag State Management
  • Yacht Management Services

Bibby Ship Management fully operates in accordance with the International Safety Management code (ISM), OHSAS 18801 health and safety and ISO 9001 quality management.

Situated in the Isle of Man at Compass House, Bibby Ship Management (Western Europe) Limited provides quality assured comprehensive crew management to the International Marine Industry.

It is no surprise that a company whose parent, Bibby Line Group, has been established for 200 years appreciates investment in long-term results and commitment to core values. In every aspect of business at Bibby Ship Management, our concern is with lasting customer satisfaction and how best to achieve it.

In a highly competitive environment a dedication to quality can bring economic advantages. Our adherence to the Quality Management System means that we prioritise the long-term interests of our clients. This means acting with foresight and integrity, especially in our primary role as providers of a personalised crew management service.

By taking a hands-on personalised approach with our seafarers from their initial recruitment and throughout their employment, we have generated loyalty from Officers, Ratings and their families. In turn, this significantly reduces staff turnover, which has a considerable positive effect on the operational performance of a Client's fleet.

A sense of integrity guides our business, helping Clients to achieve consistently good results.

Corporate Training and Development

The Right Skills - Delivered by a World-Class Training Provider

At Bibby Ship Management, seafarer training is not merely an aspect of our service, it underpins our entire philosophy on manning. Today’s marine environment demands the highest level of training so, in order to give added value and an increased level of expertise to both clients and seafarers, we have a dedicated and highly committed Training Department.

With a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of legislative, statutory and industry training requirements, coupled with our proven management systems, network of training providers and bespoke competence assurance programmes, Bibby Ship Management ensures its clients' seafarers and offshore personnel have the right skills for the job.

Reinforcing our commitment to developing the skills and competence of seafarers and offshore personnel alike, Bibby Ship Managementhas established its own training centres in India and Ukraine.

All of our programmes are designed to provide seafarers with the skills and knowledge that can help them get the most out of their careers. With our own fleet of merchant and offshore vessels and through working with the leading industry bodies, we deliver the training and competencies required to maintain the safe and efficient operation of modern vessels.

With a variety of entry routes, we’re dedicated to supporting seafarers in realising their potential with Training and Development Programmes that include:

UK Trainee Officer and Ratings Programmes
The global demand for Merchant Navy Officers and Ratings means a career at sea has never been more rewarding. Our training involves both college and sea phases, equipping seafarers with all the skills and knowledge they need to launch a successful career.

For further information on the training and competence solutions delivered by Bibby Ship Management contact us at one of the following:

Bibby Ship Management (Western Europe) Limited
Tel: +44 01624 687200

Flag State Management

A Wealth of Experience

With the Isle of Man’s growing reputation as an innovative registry of integrity and quality, there are many benefits to ship owners and managers. These include the right to fly the ‘Red Ensign’ and access the support of the British Consular service worldwide, as well as the Registry’s Non-FOC status.

Combining a professional Marine Administration, favourable taxation regime and non annual tonnage dues, we act on behalf of a large number of owners and operators as Isle of Man Flag State Representatives. Liaising directly with the Isle of Man Marine Administration, we ensure the owner’s views are represented at senior level and that the regulations governing Flag State requirements are fully met.

From an international perspective, we can offer Flag State Representation as part of a full Crew Management package or as a single stand alone service. Utilising our wealth of experience and knowledge of Flag requirements and international regulations, we provide advice, guidance and recommendations, ensuring maximum benefit for the owner/client, regardless of Nationality or Registry.

Our services include:

  • Provision of a link between Isle of Man Ship Registry, the Owner/Client and their Vessel
  • Maintenance of current crew lists for each Vessel
  • Application for requisite Flag State Endorsements and Licenses
  • Circulation to owners and vessels of all new and amended copies of Manx Shipping Notices and Government Circulars
  • Prompt conveyance of all certificates, accounts invoices and survey correspondence to Owners/Agents requirements
  • Co-ordination during the initial registration process of all application documentation
  • Liaison with relevant Manning Agencies in the matter of endorsements for non-British Officers

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