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The management is duty bound to maintain a professional staff in every department who are imbued with high moral principles and ethical values to protect the interest of the company and continuously upgrade its standard operation aimed at ensuring long term business relationship with the Employer/Principal.


The company has formed and organized an association of seafarers aimed at promoting the welfare of the seafarers and their families. This association is committed to render assistance needed by the member seafarers and their families, because the company believes that the care given to them ensures that the seafarers will be able to perform their duties to the standard required by our principals.


The company will abide the guiding rules and standards being imposed in conformity with pertinent government rules and regulation, cognizant of the latest convention requirements of the International Maritime Organization. It will provide valued Employer/Principal with excellent and professional services in the proper evaluation and selection of seafarer based on the following criteria:
a) Education
b) Training
c) Health – (Physically and Psychologically)

d) Personality – (Honest, Industrious, Trustworthy and Drug Free)

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