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Productlist December 2012


Dear Madam/Sir,

Please find our products of fish and seafood for November as followed:

  • ATLANTIC COD ICELAND single frozen fillets 16/32 oz, 32oz. +
  • ALASKA Pollock RUSSIA or JAPAN W/R Seafrozen 21.5kg, sandwich bag, 300g-500g(10R) 30cm+, 400g-600g(9R) 35cm+, Production date May - June 2012F
  • ATLANTIC COD gadus morhua ICELAND HG frozen under 1000g 2x13kg
  • P-COD RUSSIA H&G S size: 0.5kg-1kg, M size: 1kg-2kg, L size: 2kg up, Catching date: end of June 2012
  • HADDOCK melanogrammus aeglefinus ICELAND HG frozen under 1000g 2x13kg
  • POLLOCK pollachius virens ICELAND 3x20lb 8-16oz, 16-32oz ffillets
  • TUSK brosme brosme ICELAND HG under 1000g - 1500g+ 2x13kg
  • WHITING merlangius merlangus ICELAND HG under 1000g - 1500g+ 2x13kg
  • APO Filete theragra chalcogramma CHINA IQF, Skinless, 90%NW, 10kg Boxes 6/8, 8+ oz
  • APO Bits and Pieces theragra chalcogramma CHINA Skinless, Boneless, PBO, EU Treated 4x7.5kg/ctn
  • APO Minced Block theragra chalcogramma CHINA Skinless, Boneless, PBO, Chemical Free 4x7.5kg/ctn 
  • Barramundi FIlete THAILAND IQF/IWP; 8kg/carton, 200g-300g/pc
  • Baltic Sprat ESTONIA IQI 1kg bad or 5kg boxes and blockfrozen
  • Capelin Female CANADA 2x4.5kg block, 41-70
  • Grouper INDONESIA Whole Round; WGGS; WGS; Fillet Skin on, Natural Cut; Fillet Skin on Portion Cut; Fillet Skinless
  • Grouper Whole epinephelus chlorostigma BANGLADESH IQF non-treated, protectiv glazing, 10kg ctn, 500g -2500g
  • Grouper Filete epinephelus chlorostigma BANGLADESH IQF, scale off, skin on, Pin and bellybones off, Non-treated, protectiv glzing, 10kg ctn, 200g-1500g
  • Haddock Fillet CHINA, skinless, boneless, PBO, size after glazing, chemical free, 80%NW, un-compensated, IQF/Bulk 10kg/CNT size 6oz-12oz
  • Hake Gayi merlucius gayi HGT, Frozen in Blocks of 10 kg 100g - 300g
  • Mackerel scomber japonicus CHINA  Blockfrozen 10kg Boxes 400-600g
  • Mahi Mahi coryphaena hippurus INDONESIA Whole round, 20kg PP Bags 2kg-4kg 
  • Mahi Mahi Slices CHINA skin-on, bone-in, IQF 20% glazing 1kg bags/10 bags/ctn,
  • Mahi Mahi Filete CHINA skin-on, boneless, PBO, belly well trimmed, IQF/IWP, 20%glaze, slightly treated, 35lb bulk pack, 1-3lb after glazing,
  • Mahi Mahi Filete PERU skin-on, boneless, IQF, 100%NW, Natural Seafood - Chemical Free, 50lb carton, 1-3lb,
  • Malabar Snapper INDONESIA Whole Round; WGGS; WGS; Fillet Skin on, Natural Cut; Fillet Skin on Portion Cut; Co Treated
  • Merluza PERU HGT IQF, 500g bags/15kg cnt, 80g - 200g,
  • Monkfish Tails CHINA Fresh Raw Material, IQF, Belly On, Skinless, 80%NW, 10kg bulk carton, 150g-200g , 200g-300g , 300g-500g  
  • Parrotfish INDONESIA Whole Round; WGGS; WGS
  • Redfish sebastes alutus CHINA fillet, skinless boneless PBi, 95%N.W. with protective glazing, IQF/ Bulk pack 10kg/CTN, size 6-8oz 8-10oz 
  • Red Mullet THAILAND Whole Round, IQF 5%glazing, 10kg carton 30g-200g
  • Red Pomfret IQF,Bulk 10kg/ctn100%N.W 500-800g, 800+
  • Red Snapper INDONESIA Whole Round; WGGS; WGS; Fillet Skin on, Natural Cut; Fillet Skin on Portion Cut; Co Treated
  • Red Snapper Whole lutjanus campechanus BANGLADESH IQF Non-treated, Protectiv Glaze, 10kg ctn 500g - 5000g up
  • Red Snapper Filete lutjanus campechanus BANGLADESH IQF Scales off, skin on, Pin and Belly bones off, Non-treated, protectiv Glaze, 10kg ctn, 200g -1500g
  • Ribbon Fish trichiurus lepturus OMAN Whole round A-Grade,100%NW, On Board Frozen, straight packed 16kg boxes, 200g-300g  300g-500g, 500g-700g up  300MT/month available
  • Ribbon Fish MAURETANIA Whole round A-Grade, Landfrozen, 200g - 800g up 125MT
  • SALMON HEADS salmo salar POLAND Heads are cut off manually. Different sizes; not packed according to their sizes. 300kg boxes.
  • Salmon Bellies Fresh Frozen salmo salar size NORWAY 1-3 cm, carton20kg,
  • Salmon Scrap Meat Cubes Fozen NORWAY salmo salar red meat only, boneless, skinless, color 14+, 2x2x2 cm, 5kg carton
  • SKATE dipturus chilensis URUGUAY landfrozen in blocks, 1.5kg - 9kg
  • Tilapia whole round CHINA, 600-800g , 20% glazing, 80% net weight , 10kg bulk 
  • Tilapia GS CHINA IQF, Gutted and Scaled, 85% NW, IWP, 10kg carton, 350g-550g, 550g-750g, 750g-950g
  • Tilapia Fillet, CHINA 90%NW, CO&STTP treated, SkinLess, PBI, IQF, untrim, 10kg/carton. 3/5, 5/7oz after glazing 1x40´FCL
  • Frozen Trout TURKEY IQF whole cleaned, 5kg or 10kg/Box 150g/200g, 200g/250g, 300g/350g, 350g/400g
  • Frozen Trout Single Fillet TURKEY 5kg or 10kg/box 80g/120g, 130g/170g
  • Salmon Trout TURKEY IQF whole cleaned 5kg or 10kg/Box 1000g

  • Octopus octopus vulgaris INDONESIA Whole Clean, IQF,Ball Type, 13.5kg White Carton, 0,5kg - 4kg, Production date: September 2012 
  • Octopus octopus vulgaris PERU Whole cleaned , 100% NW, BQF,  Block of 10 kgs in Master Box of 20kg. 0.8 -1 kg (25%)  1 -2kg (60%) 2 -3 kg. (15%)
  • Octopus octopus vulgaris CHILE whole cleaned, Block of 10kg in Master Box od 20kg, 800g-1000g, 1000g-1200g, 1200g-1500g 
  • Loligo Squid loligo chinesis CHINA Frozen on-board, Whole Round, Chocolate Color,100%NW, 10kg Block 8/13  13/18
  • Loligo Squid Tube loligo chinesis CHINA IQF 80%NW, Cleaned, Wing on, Skinless, treated, First Ring on, 10x1kg bag/ctn, 2-4inch 4-6inch
  • Loligo Squid Rings loligo vulgaris CHINA IQF, 85%NW500g transparent plastic bag diameter 3-7
  • Illex Squid Tubes CHINA 80%NW, IQF, tip on, wing off, first ring on, cleaned, skinless, EU treated, bulk 10kg/ctn U5 U7 U10
  • Illex Squid Rings CHINA IQF, 100%NW, Treated, 10kg Bulk 2cm-5cm  3cm-7cm
  • TodarodesSquid Tubes todarodes pacificus CHINA cleaned ,white, skin off, head off ,tips on , EU treated, 85% NW. IQF, 7kg interleaved  U10    U7    U5
  • Todarodes Squid Rings CHINA EU treated, 10x1kg printed bags, 70%NW, diameter 3-7cm wide, width 1.2-1.5cm
  • Giant Squid filete dosidicus gigas PERU Fillet 2/4 (2 to 4 kilos and 2 to 4 cm thick) 4 x 7.5 Kg/ 3 x 10 kg   
  • Giant Squid daruma dosidicus gigas PERU 3x10kg block/bag
  • Cuttlefish sepia pharaonis Whole Round, 100%NW, 10kg Block 300g - 3kg 
  • Baby Cuttlefish sepia officinalis Whole, 100%NW, 2x10kg Block 20-40/kg 
  • Frozen coldwater shrimps pandalus borealis IQF, semi IQF, shell on, cooked and raw poly bags or bulk pack 50/70, 70/90, 90/120 and 120/150
  • Vannamei Shrimps ECUADOR IQF, semi IQF, Block, HOSO, HLSO, PUD, Precooked, butterfly style
  • Fresh Water Scampi macrobrachium rosenbergii BANGLADESH, HOSO, HLSO U/7, U10, 10/20
  • Black Tiger Shrimps penaeus monodon VIETNAM HOSO, 80%NW, 10x1kg Box, Semi IQF, 8/12  13/15 16/20  21/30 31/40  41/50
  • Black Tiger Shrimps penaeus monodon TANZANIA HLSO, 6x2kg boxes, 21/30  31/40  41/60  61/80 
  • Brown Shrimps poovalan solar 4 Kgs x 5 slabs net weight (1 Kg net wt or 10/ 20 % Glaze) 100/200 and 200/300
  • Cat Tiger/ Pink Shrimps penaeus mercuiensissee PUD, 6x2kg Block, Untreated 61/70
  • Cat Tiger/ Pink Shrimps penaeus mercuiensissee PUD, 6x2kg Block, Untreated 200/300
  • Red Shrimps CHINA PUD IQF Raw, Treated, 35% Glazing size after glaze, 10x1kg carton 10/30  30/50  50/70  70/100  100/200

  • Blue Abalone haliotis iris NEW ZEALAND Length of shell: 75mm - 85mm 85- 95mm Packed in 1 kg vacuum bag - 7 x 1 kg in a master carton EU pallet holds 72 master cartons
  • Frozen cooked mussel meat, CHINA 85% NW, 500g transparent plastic bags 100/200 pcs/kg
  • Frozen cooked mussel meat, CHINA 85% NW10kg bulk 200/300 pcs/kg
  • Seafood cocktail CHINA (Peeled shrimp 15%, Octopus legs 20%, Squid strips 25%, Mussel meat 25%, Squid rings15%) 92%NW, Bulk/500g,plastic bag
  • Seafood Screwer Pink Salmon o.gorbuscha + Pollock theragra chalcogramma Pollock nuggets 30%, pink salmon 40%, yellow pepper/green pepper/onion 30% 120g+/- 5g, 160g+/- 5g and 180g+/- 5g per piece, 10 pieces/poly bag, 3/4 bags/carton
  • Canned Tuna from THAILAND
  • Canned Mackerel in Tomatosauce from KOREA
  • Icelandic Cod Liver in own oil Net weight60 to 70 gr Canns of 121 gr 2x40´FCL

We deliver also live and fresh seafood - please send your inquiry

Prices, payment terms, photos, customized packing and other products on request.

If you have any questions or just would like to talk seafood, do not hesitate to call our company. We look forward in establishing a working relationship with you!

Sunny regards
Lars Benn


TRUE GREENLAND BLACK HALIBUT Hook and line catched, H&G J-cut 22kg box, 500g-1000g
HALIBUT CANADA H&G, 500g - 3000g+
FROZEN FARMED TURBOT SPAIN IQF, WHOLE and GUTTED, 15% glazing (aprox.), 400g - 600g, 600g - 1kg, 1kg - 1.5kg

Turbot Heads GREENLAND N-cut style, 1kg-2kg

REDFISH ICELAND Whole round 10kg box 100g-200g, 100g -300g, 300g-500g
REDFISH ICELAND H&G single frozen 300g-500g, 500g-700g, 700g up
REDFISH sebastes alutus CANADA Whole round, 15kg boxes, 100g-300g 300g-500g

 H&G 200-400gr -- seafrozen
 packing: 1x16.5 kg carton (block)
 fat content: +22%
 volume: 360mt
 H&G 200-400gr -- landfrozen  
 packing: 2x11 kg carton (block)
 fat content: +20%
 volume: 550mt

SARDINES USA Whole round fat content 18.5%-22%, 10kg box, 75/80
CHINA Whole round fat content +15%, 10kg box, 80/100

BALTIC HERRING clupea harengus membras ESTONIA, fresh frozen WR, 12.5kg blocks, size 15-17sm, origin FAO 27 - Finish waters
HERRING clupea harengus harengus CANADA Whole Round, 12%-20% fat, 20kg boxes, 100g-200g

HERRING FLAPS ICELAND 3x9kg/box, 14.2% fat, 6-7/kg
HERRING FLAPS NORWAY 20kg boxes, 16%-18% fat, 6-10/kg and 5-8/kg


  • FROZEN FLOWER LOBSTER VIETNAM Whole round raw 500g-1000g
  • Frozen Caribbean Lobster BAHAMAS Whole round raw 500g-1000g 10kg boxes
  • Frozen Green Lobster MAURETANIA Whole round raw, 200g-2000g
  • Frozen Lobster MAROCCO Whole round raw, 300g-600g, 600g-1000g


  • Skipjack Tuna Loins single and double cleaned, 4x5kg bags
  • Skipjack Tuna katsuwonus pelamis Landfrozen IQF, Bulk Packed, 25Kgs/PP Bag 1.8kg up
  • Skipjack Tuna katsuwonus pelamis SEAFROZEN 1.8kg up


SARDINES CANDA WR, 10kg boxes, 18.5 - 22% fat, 60-80pcs
PACIFIC SAURY TAIWAN, WR, 10kg boxes, 60psc/about150g up, 60-80pcs/about 120-150g, 80-100pcs/about 95-120g,100-130pcs/about 70-95g, 130-140pcs/about 60-70g


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