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Squid record catches registered

Illex squid capture. (Photo: NOAA)
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 03:50 (GMT + 9)

The enthusiasm of the fishing industry in the Falkland Islands about squid Illex and Loligo record catches being obtained this year is overshadowed in part by complaints from the local government about Argentina’s lack of cooperation in the performance of an overall assessment of these fisheries in the South Atlantic.
Dr. Sasha Arkhipkin, chief scientist of the Fisheries Department of the Falkland Islands, explained the Fisheries Committee of the Falkland Islands Government that as it is not possible to perform an exchange of scientific information with the Argentineans over these resources, it can not thoroughly predict the volumes of local water capture.
The expert noted that precisely because of the lack of cooperation from Argentina, nowadays it is not possible to know "how many fish there are in the whole region" of the South Atlantic, the local newspaper Penguin News reported.
However, although he admitted that this situation affects the accuracy of the forecasts and predictions of Illex squid fishery, Dr. Arkhipkin said "there are other ways to predict data."
Meanwhile, Director of Fisheries John Barton informed the harvest this year has been "exceptional."
The first Loligo season ended up with a catch of 28,000 tonnes, making it the third most voluminous after 2010 and 2012 harvests.
In addition, until 10 June there had been an absolute record of 300,000 tonnes of Illex squid.
Over 500 jiggers fished in Berkeley Sound this season and 20 other Korean jiggers are still operating in waters off the Falklands.
It has also been a great year for the transhipment of those spectacular squid harvests and a record profit from permits, Barton stressed.
According to what Dr. Arkhipkin told the Fisheries Committee, one of the most successful scientific studies of these last two years was performed on mesh size of nets to address by-catch, considered one of the most serious problems faced.
"Creating a Marine Protected Area like we did for toothfish and whiting may be worthwhile," the expert stated.
At the request of the secretariat of the Association of Fishermen’s Societies of the Falkland Islands, Cheryl Roberts, to have more observers on fishing vessels, the Fisheries Director indicated that the number of observers on board is "fair", given the difficulties caused by weather conditions and logistics.
In addition, he also explained the Commission that the cost of changing from about six or seven observers to about 15 "would be potentially a big problem for the budget."

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