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Mozambique and EU start negotiations on fisheries protocol renewal

Spanish longliner. (Photo Credit: Mozambique Ministry of Fisheries)
Monday, July 14, 2014, 22:50 (GMT + 9)

The EU and Mozambique met in Maputo, Mozambique, last week to launch negotiations on the renewal of the Protocol to the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement due to expire on 31 January, 2015.
According to the EU, the negotiations were conducted in an open and frank atmosphere with progress made on identifying the areas where there was agreement and those where further work is required.

The current Protocol, which came into force fully on 13 June 2012, secures access to the Mozambican fishing zone of a maximum of 43 purse seiners and 32 surface longliners flying the flag of an EU Member State for fishing of highly migratory species.
The financial contribution which the EU has to pay Mozambique for the opportunity to fish in its waters totals EUR 980,000 out of which EUR 460,000 has been earmarked for the support of the Mozambican sectoral fisheries policy in order to promote sustainability in its waters.
As with all of the EU's FPA agreements, partner countries are compensated for granting access to their fishing resources whilst financial support is provided to the partner countries for the implementation of a sustainable fisheries policy. EU's Fisheries Partnership Agreements (FPAs) seek to ensure that the exploitation of fishery resources takes place on the basis of sound scientific advice.

It was agreed that the next round of negotiations would be held in Brussels by September 2014.

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