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Fishing stoppage in Cape Verde is ‘unavoidable'

Cape Verde. The current fisheries agreement of the EU with the African country expires at the end of this month. (Map: Gringer)
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Monday, August 11, 2014, 00:10 (GMT + 9)

The Fisheries General Secretariat of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA) deems 'the suspension of fishing activity in Cape Verde fishery in late August 2014 is unavoidable.
Therefore, the Spanish government raises the possibility that the surface longline fishing industry in Galicia seeks other alternatives such as the Indian Ocean.
Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) and Cape Verde resumed contacts to complete the new fisheries agreement wording. The new agreement will replace the current one, which has been in force since 2011 and expires on 31 August this year, and which allows a total of 66 EU vessels to carry out fishing activities .
According to the Secretariat, "due to the subsequent need for ratification by the EU Council, the fishing activity interruption seems unavoidable from August 31."
MAGRAMA noted that to date, the parties have held three rounds of negotiations, the latest one took place in April.
In addition, the Ministry said that when the new agreement was considered practically settled, "at the last moment, Cape Verde demanded an increase in the financial contribution that the EU did not accept."
"It will have little impact on the Spanish longline fleet in the Atlantic, which does not often start their activity in this area prior the month of November," added MAGRAMA.
It explained that although the impact of this agreement is not "negligible" it is not so important on total catches because longline vessels fishing in the Atlantic obtain most of their catches in international waters.
"We'll keep on the lookout to see if in two or three months the agreement is renewed and on what conditions; some ships will look for fishing grounds in the North Atlantic and others, if the delay is too long, will seek solutions in the south or where they can," added sources from the harmed sector by the stoppage of the activity.
For these fishermen, the alternative to start fishing the Indian is not "appropriate" for a portion of the Atlantic fleet, reports La Opinión.
On the other hand, longliner organization manager of A Guarda (Orpagu) of Pontevedra, Juana María Parada, said that the renewal should not be carried out "under any conditions".
Orpagu has 14 longline vessels operating in Cape Verde, but only two also fish in inland waters, in addition to the international waters of the North Atlantic.
The Secretariat of Marine Affairs of Galicia, meanwhile, pointed out the fishing grounds of Cape Verde is "very important" and hoped that a "satisfactory agreement" is reached.

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