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Norway and Brazil develop aquaculture cooperation

Brazil and Norway strengthen mutual aquaculture cooperation. (Photo: BNCC)
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Thursday, August 21, 2014, 01:40 (GMT + 9)

The governments of Brazil and Norway continue to work on identifying areas for bilateral technical cooperation in order to develop joint actions towards the development of aquaculture in both nations.
The important fishing fair Nor-Fhishing, held this week in Trondheim, Norway, has provided a framework to develop this process.
The meeting was attended by consort Queen Sonja Haraldsen; the head of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministry (MPA) from Brazil, Eduardo Lopes; and Secretary of MPA Aquaculture Planning and Management, Maria Fernanda Nince.
The collaboration between the two countries foresees actions as to search areas, training and management of continental and marine aquaculture space.
The agreement also includes issues relating to technology transfer in aquaculture segments such as production and infrastructure, health and biosecurity, supply chain, bearing capacity, caged fish escape and fish feed.
Another objective of this bilateral cooperation is to develop an international legislation for the aquaculture sector.
In Norway, Lopes also met with the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Elisabeth Aspaker; and the Brazilian ambassador to that country, Flávio Macieira, among other officials.
Nince was planning to perform a technical visit to a fish farming centre located on the island Hitra, along with representatives of the aquaculture industry from over 20 countries, such as Vietnam and Angola.
For some time, Brazil has been developing different cooperation ways with other countries for the exchange of knowledge and to incorporate new technology in the aquaculture sector.
The MPA stressed that as part of Government’s efforts to increase the quality and safety of fish produced in the country, Brazil signed cooperation agreements with Israel and Portugal last year.

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