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Shrimp exports grow

Good prices in the internacional market benefit Ecuadorian shrimp sector. (Photo: Basc-El Universo-FIS)
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 03:20 (GMT + 9)

Ecuador exported 350 million pounds of shrimp in the first half of this year, 10 per cent more than in the same period in 2013, and projections suggest that 2014 will close with the shipment of about 500 million pounds.
This is a record figure that exceeds that achieved during the "shrimp boom," stressed the president of the National Aquaculture Chamber (CNA) Jose Antonio Camposano.
In terms of income generation, CNA statistics indicate that between January and April 2014, Ecuadorian shrimp exports reached a value exceeding USD 754 million.
The global context has proven beneficial for the Ecuadorian shrimp industry this year.
"Currently, the countries of Central America and Asia have lowered their productivity level due to the early mortality syndrome, which increases the costs of the product. However, this may change at any time," the leader explained.
However, Cristhian Fontaine, president of Pedernales Shrimp Association, is concerned about the lack of support received by the sector by the government.
In his opinion, if the shrimp sector got loans, it could grow even more.
"Most shrimp farms are run by concessions, which are not subject to credit and slows their development", Fontaine told El Diario.
The shrimp industry employs about 180,000 workers directly and indirectly nationwide, according to the CNA.
Now, after the recent settlement of the agreement between Ecuador and the European Union (EU), and in view of Russia's interest in increasing its imports from Latin America, shrimp sector is developing marketing strategies to promote its products, reported El Telégrafo.
The industry considers different ways to drive sales, such as the participation in trade fairs, the organization of guided missions; promotional events in restaurants and supermarkets and the creation of a national brand. This last idea, in particular, could be very effective, according to the Minister of Foreign Trade, Francisco Rivadeneira.
Meanwhile, the Commercial Office of Pro Ecuador in Seoul, in cooperation with the shrimp sector, coordinated the promotion of Ecuador shrimp in eight local supermarkets of the whosale chain Emart Traders.
The idea is to position the product in the Korean market, where sale and consumption increased in recent years.
"The results of the promotion were positive for Ecuadorian shrimp, given that several local consumers liked the taste as well as the texture and density, also highlighting its pleasant smell," reported Pro Ecuador.
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