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Industrial anchovy fishing season opening faces risks

Anchovy fleet vessel. (Photo: Produce)

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Thursday, October 23, 2014, 02:20 (GMT + 9)
A recent report issued by experts of the Peruvian Marine Institute (IMARPE) suggests that this year a second industrial anchovy fishing season may not be allowed around the Peruvian coast.
This was indicated by the president of the United Workers Federation of the Fishing Sector, Javier Castro Zavaleta, who noted that the document explains that the current biomass of the pelagic resource only reaches 1.4 million tonnes.
In this situation, the assessments of biodiversity will continue until December, reportedRPP.
"With this report, it is definite that there will be no industrial fishing of anchovy, so we request the central government to release our compensation for period of service (CTS) to face the crisis experienced by thousands of fishermen," added Castro Zavaleta.
Besides, he noted that the Institute identified a large mass of marine species known as bicingirria, similar to the anchovy as to proteins.
However, this resource is difficult to capture because it lives in deep water, informedDiario de Chimbote.
"That's the window that IMARPE opens to us and it is not very convenient, because if before the vessels have failed to detect this species due to its small size, now it would be the same, therefore, it is not encouraging news," clarified the union president.
The scientists also noted that spawning was reduced compared to previous years, and that the adult anchovy has been feeding on its own larvae due to plankton scarcity.
If the second fishing season was not opened, the ban would remain in an unspecified manner.
Each season about 900 fishing vessels perform fishing operations off the Peruvian coast.

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