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Salmon importer joins Japanese giant firm SNG subsidiary

Atlantic salmon. (Photo Credit: SalmonDepot)

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Thursday, October 23, 2014, 04:00 (GMT + 9)
The salmon importing and distributing firm SalmonDepot USA has confirmed its merger with SNG UK, Ltd., the European operating branch of Shin Nihon Global (SNG), extending its product line and services beyond the United States.
With this merger – which took place on 1 September -- the American firm intends to become a top contender in the seafood market for the importation, distribution, and wholesale of Atlantic salmon from the waters of Norway and the Faroe Islands.
SalmonDepot USA specializes in value-added salmon products, with an ever-expanding line of flavour variation sauces and rubs, gourmet puff pastry en croute items, and easy prepared meal options.
Among the most popular are microwavable flavored portions in individually sealed pouches, catering to the average busy American diet.
SNG UK has its central headquarters in the Faroe Islands. The firm operates from the Atlantic salmon production centre and works with local farms and producers to distribute top quality Norwegian salmon worldwide.
An SNG source stressed that the company provides SalmonDepot USA with a multitude of certifications and accreditations, financial facilities, and a global catalog of products, suppliers, and producers.
SalmonDepot USA has its corporate headquarters outside Los Angeles, California. The firm established an international presence and operates offices in Europe and the US.
Tokyo-based SNG is an international network of suppliers, producers, and manufacturers of seafood founded in 1987. The firm has branch offices in the US, Europe, Canada, Chile, Russia, and China. 

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