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Anchovy catch suspended

Anchovy fishing vessels. (Photo: C.Vargas)

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 02:10 (GMT + 9)
From Monday to Wednesday, 12 November the anchovy (Engraulis ringens) and longnose anchovy (Anchoa nasus) will be suspended in the area between 13°30' and 13° 59'LS, within 10 nautical miles off the coast.
The move, ordered by the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) through Ministerial Resolution No. 385-2014, is implemented to all capture activity by artisanal and smaller-scale fishing vessels.
Meanwhile, the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMARPE) will perform monitoring and follow-up activities of the key biological, population and fishery indicators of both resources and fisheries management measures it deems appropriate will be recommended.
The suspension of the fishing activity is due to the presence of high concentrations of juvenile specimens, according to the latest assessment was 22.3 per cent within the range of eight miles from the now closed area.
On the other hand, PRODUCE is working in a comprehensive contingency plan in case IMARPE experts confirm the negative impact of El Niño phenomenon and Kelvin waves on the anchovy fishery in the Peruvian coast.
According to the Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Juan Carlos Requejo, the first measurements indicate negative results because of weather conditions generated a migration of anchovy areas outside their usual location.
However, taking into account changing conditions, fisheries officials consider it cautious to wait for the new measurements before taking the adequate measures.
"The final decision on the new season and the corresponding catch quota will be announced in early December, after having the results of new measurements implemented by IMARPE with private sector involvement," clarified the deputy minister.


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