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FRoSTA fish come from sustainably certified wild catch.

  (GERMANY, 1/5/2015)
The FRoSTA brand is represented by a unique concept in Germany, Austria and Switzerland called the FRoSTA-Reinheitsgebot (Purity Act). FRoSTA is the market leader for frozen meals in Germany. The FRoSTA brand is also present in Poland and Hungary, in several other eastern and middle European countries and in Italy as well. 
In addition, FRoSTA AG specializes in developing high quality products for domestic (Copack) and international (Export) customer brands of retailers and wholesalers. 
MSC certified Alaska pollock fillet with broccoli florets and toasted almondstopped withsour cream.
The Foodservice area completes the portfolio of business operations for FRoSTA AG with an extensive assortment of products and meals especially suited for the needs of very large organizations. 
The FRoSTA brand has been setting new standards since 2003: with the Reinheitsgebot (Purity Act), FRoSTA is the first and only frozen brand in Germany to completely abandon the use of taste enhancers, colourings, aromas, stabilizers and emulsifiers. None of the ingredients or raw materials may contain additives any longer either. Consequently, for example, FRoSTA dishes use only real butter (without colouring) and no margarine. The Purity Act applies to all of the FRoSTA products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
FRoSTA MSC certified wild salmon fillet with tender spinach and cream sauce, wrapped ina loose-butter puff pastry from the FRoSTA bakery and, MSC certified pollock which is processed within 12 hours of fishing.
FRoSTA has also made a commitment to source all seafood from MSC certified fisheries. FRoSTA is currently the only brand in Poland which has switch its entire range of frozen ocean-caught fish to MSC ecolabelled product. All fish from FRoSTA in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania comes from sustainable and well-managed fisheries.
Wild fish in a goldencrispybatter.
"As a market leader in frozen fish products in Poland, we are obliged to care about the state of fish stocks and fisheries in the oceans around the globe. We are also aware that we cannot act on our own and we strongly believe that together with fishermen, other processors and consumers we are able to achieve meaningful results. Therefore we are very proud to have achieved MSC certification and we are glad that we can join this global initiative to safeguards fisheries for future generations," says Aleksandra Wysocka, FRoSTA Marketing Manager.
FRoSTA MSC ecolabelled fish products have been available for many years to consumers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since the end of 2014, MSC certified products have been introduced not only in Poland but also in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary. This confirms the brand’s commitment to buying raw material from sustainable sources. 
About FRoSTA
FRoSTA is the market leader for frozen ready meals in Germany and one of the largest producers of frozen foods in Europe. The company is expanding its small assortment of FRoSTA dishes in Austia and Switzerland. 
FRoSTA is the market leader for frozen fish products in Poland offering an assortment of 50 different products in all including ready meals and vegetables in addition to its fish products. 
All FRoSTA gourmet fillets contain 100fine pollock fillet from sustainable fisheriesonlynatural, fresh ingredients and no additives, such as flavours or aromas.
The FRoSTA brand has been represented in Hungary since 1994 where now more than 30 different FRoSTA products are available. A similar assortment of FRoSTA products is available in Romania also. 
FRoSTA products have also been being sold in the Czech Republic since 1994 where a total of 25 different FRoSTA products are available. It is also represented on the Slovakian market from this point of service. 
Since 1999, FRoSTA products can also be found in Russia where currently over 40 different products in the areas of fish, poultry, vegetables and ready meals are available. The FRoSTA brand is being represented by numerous fish specialties in Italy.
Source: FRoSTA/MSC

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