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Federal support to help improve safety of fishing vessels

Fishing vessel. (Photo: Stock File)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 23:40 (GMT + 9)
The Government of Canada is investing CAD 262,000 (USD 218,250) in Fish SAFE, a British Columbia (BC) fishing industry driven programme that works to improve safety on board commercial fishing vessels.

The programme is funded through Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Pacific Integrated Commercial Fishing Initiative (PICFI), which helps to realize First Nations desire to become more involved in the commercial fishing industry. Since its inception, a total of 97 First Nations have benefitted from contribution funding and commercial access provided through PICFI.

This partnership between the Government of Canada and the commercial fishing industry has produced great results. In Vancouver, the BC Seafood Alliance has utilized mutual resources to administer the Fish SAFE Programme. It has been recognized internationally as a leader in creating a safety culture through education. They have raised the profile of fishing safety on Canada's west coast through a variety of educational programs, notably their Stability Education Program, and by working with partners to develop relevant regulations and policies to improve on board safety.

Specifically, this funding will support Fish SAFE in expanding its boating safety programmes to remote communities where upstream terminal area fisheries are located. It will be used to support commercial fishing enterprises by giving them the tools and assistance they need to develop fishing safety programs in their communities. This includes a training needs assessment and delivery of fishing safety education and training programs.

Fish SAFE offers four safety courses focusing on various boating aspects, including navigation, vessel stability and emergency preparedness. Its outreach has expanded in recent years to deliver safety programs to remote communities as well.

By 2016, the federal government will have invested CAD 263.5 million (USD 219.5 million) in this initiative. 

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