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Findus Group Set to Acquire La Cocinera Frozen Ready Meal Business in Spain

  (UNITED KINGDOM, 1/12/2015)
Last Thursday Findus Spain, part of Findus Group, announced the signing of an agreement with Nestlé Spain of its intention to acquire La Cocinera frozen ready to eat meals business.
The acquisition would include the frozen ready meal business based at the Valladolid factory and La Cocinera brand in Spain, which has a retail turnover of some 65million euros. The potential acquisition would double the scale of Findus Group’s operations in Spain.
La Cocinera range of products.
Findus Group is one of Europe’s leading seafood and frozen food businesses with a turnover in excess of EUR 1.4 billion. The additional turnover that this acquisition will add represents less than 5% of the current turnover of the Findus Group internationally.
 La Cocinera tuan pastries.
Findus Spain is not buying the Valladolid factory as part of the deal, but will have control over its operations.
The chilled dough products (obleas, puff pastry, pie dough, etc.) under La Cocinera brand, are not part of the deal.
La Cocinera brand includes a wide range of products including:vegetarian, fish and meat cannellone; a variety of vegetable soups; ready to eat tuna and vegetable pots and, a variety of chicken nuggets and croquettes.
The transaction will be subject to the approval of the Spanish competition authorities and, pending this approval.
About Findus Group
Findus MSC fish fingers.
Findus Group is one of Europe’s leading seafood and frozen food businesses, with more than 6,000 employees and a turnover in excess of 1.4billion euros.
Serving up chilled, frozen, branded and own-label, fish, vegetables and meals across Europe, Findus Group offers a wide range of local food to local markets.
Source: Findus Group

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