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Inshore fishing gear restricions may benefit Scotland

Boats used for inshore fishing. (Photo: Stock File)

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Friday, January 09, 2015, 03:50 (GMT + 9)
A report on the potential impact of new management measures including mobile fishing gear restrictions in inshore fisheries suggests that they could be beneficial to Scotland.

The research has developed a model to assess the possible impacts of a ban on mobile fishing gears within one and three miles from the shore.

The new report assesses a number of scenarios and finds that, based on the modelled assumptions, there could be net benefits to Scotland as a result of the gear restrictions, though it suggests these would be outside the fisheries sector.

The research is designed to help inform on the way to approach the issue. The Scottish Government will now undertake discussions with a wide-range of stakeholders on the issues highlighted in the report and any implications for future policy considerations.

Commenting on the report published this week, Cabinet Secretary for Fisheries Richard Lochhead said: "This substantial piece of research highlights a number of key issues and will help inform our thinking around improving the management of our inshore fisheries.

"This work gives us a better understanding of the interactions between fishermen in inshore waters and the potential impact of different management measures.

"We will carefully consider the report and fully involve interested parties in discussions to use this report to ensure we promote sustainable and profitable fisheries." 

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