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Los Fiordos faces charges for 'environmental breaches'

Los Fiordos salmon farm. (Photo: SalmonChile)

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Friday, January 16, 2015, 22:00 (GMT + 9)
The Superintendency of the Environment (SMA) filed charges against Los Fiordos salmon firm for a number of environmental violations in 18 of its farms located in Aysen Region.
The SMA reported that under the National Network Control (Renfa)’s work programme, in collaboration with the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) and the Port Authority of Aysen, it verified "several braches on various farms of the company".
Some of these non-compliances are:
  • Exceeding the limits of authorized production;
  • Placing networks on seabed adjacent to the farms;
  • Not following the required procedures for net transportation, cleaning, disinfection or disposal in farming centres;
  • Not maintaining the cleanliness of the land surrounding the centres, which is full of waste and rubbish resulting from the aquaculture activity;
  • Not disposing of mortalities as often and properly as it should be done.
With respect to net placement, SMA will request for provisional measures for Valverde 2, Quetros 1, Cuptana 1, Valverde 1, Marta, Sur Puyuhuapi and Canalad 1 farms, in order to prevent imminent harm to the environment.
The measures required include the immediate withdrawal of nets in support vessels by a hydraulic arm, waste disposal in sealed containers to prevent liquid leakages to the environment, and the use of authorized landfill or garages for disposals.
The indictment is the beginning of a sanction procedure by the SMA.
Los Fiordos have 10 days to submit a compliance program or 15 days to present the case for the defence before the Superintendency.
For its part, the salmon company stressed that "It has taken all actions to ensure due compliance with internal protocols and legislation," Aqua reported.
It added that the company has a strict Cleaning and Check Over Prevention Program of Surrounding Beaches, which is audited externally. In addition, the waste generated in its farms is disposed in landfills duly authorized by the health authority, and they are located outside Aysen Region.
In November 2014 the SMA indicted Salmones Pacific Star S.A. due to a number of environmental and health violations in several farms in Los Lagos Region.

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