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Sanford sells its stake in China mussel company

New Zealand green-lipped mussel. (Photo: Stock File)

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Friday, January 16, 2015, 00:30 (GMT + 9)
Kono NZ LP has purchased the remaining shares of Pure New Zealand Greenshell Mussel Co Ltd in Shanghai Co Ltd from Sanford.

Pure NZ was formed during 2011 in collaboration with Kono NZ LP, Sanford, Sealord,Pacifica and Greenshell NZ Ltd.

"The collaboration has been very successful for all parties concerned. New customers in China have been found through the efforts of staff from Pure NZ," said Kono NZ CEO Don Everitt.

"This collaboration successfully brought together partners with common goals. We are pleased to continue servicing customers in China with the products they need. Consumer research shows the importance of seafood brands for Chinese consumers and how essential marketing will become."

Pure NZ is undertaking the necessary changes to business licenses in China that will allow them to import Kono's other seafood, wine, fruit and other branded products.

Volker Kuntzsch, CEO of Sanford Limited who were the remaining partner with Kono NZ, said, "Sanford are pleased to have been a part of this collaboration and we will continue to work closely with previous Pure NZ partners in other ventures."

"Pure NZ GSM gave a real boost to New Zealand's place and brand in China," he stressed.


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