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PT Molajaya Samudera Crew Management is a recruitment and placement company located in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia.

We have been doing recruitment and placement of highly qualified and experienced Indonesian crew, fishing crew & seafood processor for working on fishing vessel and seafood processing plant in Asia, Australia and Europe for more than 26 years.

We are committed to meet our Principal’s expectation by continuously improve our Quality Management System in order to guarantee the quality and language skill of the crew, fishing crew & seafood processor that we supplied.

ARVI assists in prevention of trawling occupational hazards

Spanish trawlers. (Photo: Terje Engoe/Copyright: FIS)

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Monday, February 09, 2015, 03:00 (GMT + 9)
The Cooperative of Shipowners of the Port of Vigo (ARVI) is leading a cooperation project for innovation and exchange of good practices in training and prevention at European level in the field of trawling occupational hazards.
This is the Safe Fishing (Training Tool Based on the Use of ICT for Risk Prevention and Safety in the Trawling Fishing) project, an initiative funded by "Strategic Partnership" Action in the field of professional training of the European Union's Erasmus + Programme. 
The project consortium consists of six partners from five European countries with extensive experience in vocational training in this sector and in the prevention of occupational risks.
  • ARVI (professional association): Spain
  • SGS Tecnos (multinational company): Spain
  • Inforcoop (training centre): Italy
  • IMP (sector specific institute): France
  • RTEU (university): Turkey
  • Europeche (European association): Belgium
The Safe Fishing project aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Providing and advising the trawling sector on corresponding prevention of occupational hazards (Programme standardarised at European level for the control of occupational hazards in the area of the trawling sector)
  • Promoting an innovative educational development in the industry with the use of ICT (DVD: Safe Fishing)

The result expected from the application of this project is a Standardized Training Programme at European level to be implemented with audiovisual support for the prevention of occupational hazards in the trawling sector, structuring the content in each of the working phases developed board.


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