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Chicken of the Sea to Acquire Orion Seafood

Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods reaches an agreement to acquire the assets of Orion Seafood, a company specialized in North Atlantic lobster.

  (UNITED STATES, 2/9/2015)
Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods, a division of Thai Union Frozen Products Group(TUF), announced that has reached an agreement to buy out Orion Seafood International, a producer and supplier of lobster, king crab and snow crab from Portsmouth.
Bryan Rosenberg, Chicken of the Sea President and CEO said the acquisition will allow the company to expand its lobster offerings. “Our plan is to aggressively grow this segment by leveraging existing expertise and business relationships,” Rosenberg said.
For over 20 years, Orion Seafood has been a pioneer in bringing Canadian Snow Crab to the broader marketplace.
Charles Anastasia, founder and CEO of Orion said, “Integration into the Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods organization will expand distribution opportunities for Orion branded products, develop more business to Orion’s supplier network, and provide a more diverse product offering to Orion’s historical customers."
In the statement Rosenberg said that the company is committed to make Orion's integration as seamless as possible.
Orion's latest technology allows to produce soft-shell clams Superfrozen in liquid CO2.
About Chicken of the Sea
Based in San Diego, California, Chicken of the Sea markets a variety of seafood items under the Chicken of the Sea brand name, including tuna, salmon, clams, crab, shrimp, mackerel, oysters, kipper snacks and sardines in cans, pouches and cups. The company is owned by Thai Union Group.
Chicken of the Sea is an American leading provider of packaged seafood.
About Orion Seafood International
Orion Seafood International is a global leader in North Atlantic Lobster, Snow Crab, King Crab and Freshwater Shrimp. Orion Seafood is an innovative, pioneering and cutting-edge seafood company.
Orion has a superior team of seafood professionals, providing unparalleled expertise in the industry. As a result, Orion’s brands have become synonymous with quality around the world.
Harvested in the clean, cold waters off New England and the maritime provinces of Canada, North Atlantic Lobster, with its distinctive, sweet taste, is enjoyed in the finest establishments throughout the world.
Information of the company:
Address:9330 Scranton Road - P.O. Box 85568
City:San Diego
State/ZIP:California (92138-5568)
Country:United States
Phone:+1 858 558 9662
Fax:+1 858 597 4569

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