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NZ salmon acknowledged as 'best choice' option by Seafood Watch

Farmed salmon produced in New Zealand. (Photo: Mt Cook Alpine Salmon)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 03:40 (GMT + 9)

Seafood Watch has distinguished New Zealand salmon industry among the world's most sustainable seafood producers.
After a year of local salmon industry assessment, the global consumer guide produced by the independent conservation group Monterey Bay Aquarium, concluded that the country’s sea farmed and fresh water salmon was a green light, or best choice option.
Queenstown-based Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Ltd was delighted with the acknowledgment.
The company’s chairman and former New Zealand Prime Minister Jim Bolger said, “As a measure of the growing sensitivity to aquaculture practices, every year Whole Foods sends independent auditors to our fresh water farms to monitor our standard operating procedures. Mt Cook Alpine Salmon continues to be the only King Salmon producer that supplies Whole Foods.”
“New Zealand’s salmon farming industry leads the way with best practice, pristine ecosystems and our clean, green, sustainable approach, and Mt Cook Alpine Salmon is at the forefront of that drive,” he added.
Bolger also stressed that the recognition implies the business commitment to high-end sustainable values, Radio New Zealand reported.
With regard to the accolade received, New Zealand King Salmon, marketing general manager, Jemma McCowan, pointed out that the acknowledgment meant that not every supplier is the same and to know where the salmon comes from helps consumers to make good choices.
"And seafood in particular is a hot topic and further to that, salmon is of concern. A lot of salmon is not rating green or best choice, a lot of farmed salmon in particular, and so a lot of consumers in North America have developed a perception over the years that they should stay away from farmed salmon full stop," she stated.
Meanwhile, Gary Hooper, chief executive of New Zealand's Aquaculture noted that the result was extremely important as it made New Zealand the first country in the world to receive this level of recognition.

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