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Salmon exports drop slightly in January

Salmon fillets. (Photo: Stock File)

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Thursday, February 05, 2015, 00:30 (GMT + 9)
Norway exported salmon worth NOK 3.5 billion (USD 459.8 million) in January. This represents a modest fall of NOK 143 million (USD 18.8 million) or 4 per cent from the record month of January 2014.

January 2015 was the second best month ever for Norwegian salmon exports.

Measured by weight 74,185 tonnes of salmon were exported in January, which is approximately the same level as January 2014.

"Our main market, the EU is increasingly choosing Norwegian salmon, and it is the development of distribution and innovation in the fresh fish category as a whole which is helping drive consumption", said Paul T. Aandahl, Branch Manager for salmon and trout at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Norway exported salmon to the EU worth NOK 2.6 billion in January, an increase of 8 per cent year-on-year. Measured by product weight EU exports grew by 15 per cent or 57,000 tonnes compared to January 2014. By volume, France, Poland and Denmark were the biggest markets for Norwegian salmon in January. Each of these markets increased their purchase of Norwegian salmon year-on-year.
Salmon prices were lower but remaining firm.

The price for fresh whole salmon in January was NOK 44.87 per kg. This is NOK 4 or 8 per cent lower than the average price in January 2014. The January 2015 price was 1 per cent lower than the average price in December 2014.

Salmon exports to Eastern Europe fell by 80 per cent, to NOK 98 million in January. By volume 2,500 tonnes of salmon were exported to Eastern Europe - a decrease of 76 percent compared with January 2014. The main reasons for the reduction are the continuing Russian import ban combined with a marked decline in sales to Ukraine.

Norway exported salmon to Asia to a value of NOK 573 million in January, more or less the same as a year earlier. Exports by volume were also consistent with the year before. Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea are the key Asian buyers of Norwegian salmon. Sales declined in the Vietnamese market.

Sales to the US increased by 34 per cent in January to a new total of NOK 172 million. In January 2,700 tonnes were exported to the US market. This corresponds to an increase of 670 tonnes, or 33 per cent up on January 2014.

Trout exports fell by 38 per cent in January, to a total of NOK 78 million, compared to NOK 126 million a year earlier. Sales by volume were down by 36 per cent, totalling 2,600 tonnes. The price achieved for fresh whole trout in January was NOK 46.24 per kg, 8 per cent lower year-on-year.

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