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Spanish experts offer advice on fisheries and aquaculture

The Spanish delegation visiting SANIPES. (Photo: Sanipes)

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 02:20 (GMT + 9)
Representatives of the National Fish Health Agency (SANIPES) were visited by a delegation of officials and specialists from Spain, who travelled to the country to provide advice on fisheries, shellfish capture and aquaculture.
The Spanish group was formed by the secretary general of Marine Affairs of Xunta de Galicia, Juan Maneiro; the general director of the Technological Institute for the Control of the Marine Environment (INTECMAR), Covadonga Salgado; and managing director of the Technology Centre of CETMAR Sea-Foundation, Paloma Rueda.
The Spanish delegates visited the cities of Lima and Piura, where they participated in workshops to exchange experiences.
At the Peruvian’s government request, the group travelled to provide continuity to the visit in February by the President of the Xunta, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo. At that time, the Spanish official strengthened ties with Peru by signing a cooperation agreement on fisheries and aquaculture.
The Spanish delegates met with SANIPES executive director, Diana Garcia Bonilla. In addition, Maneiro carried out training on inspections of aquaculture concessions, health studies of these areas and monitoring stations.
Meanwhile, Rueda instructed the Peruvian administration officials about the process for the health inspection of artisanal fishing vessels in Vigo.
Furthermore, Salgado provided advice on biotoxin control systems and explained the controls performed by INTECMAR in Galicia. He also participated in two workshops: one on the trials of mollusc official control in the European Union (EU) and on mollusc traceability.
In addition, the Secretary General of Marine Affairs and INTECMAR and CETMAR directors met on Thursday with entrepreneurs related to the sea-fishing area and also with the Deputy Minister of Fisheries of the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), Juan Carlos Requejo.
On Friday they visited Piura to learn the details about the scallop traceability, among other issues, the Xunta reported.

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