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IFOP researchers’ strike halts USD 2 million worth survey cruises

Research vessel Abate Molina. (Photo: Subpesca)

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Thursday, May 14, 2015, 23:40 (GMT + 9)
The extension of the strike by members of the IFOP Workers’ Union Associated to Research (SETAI) has had immediate impact on the halt and suspension of research cruises for taking data from three projects.
Those that have been stopped are sardine and anchovy hydroacoustic assessment cruise in Regions V -X, whose worth amounts to CLP 400 million (USD 664,885), the small pelagic fish hydroacoustic assessment cruise in inland waters (regions X and XI), whose worth totals CLP 280 million (USD 465,419) and horse mackerel hydroacoustic assessment cruise in southern-central are (CLP 500 million - USD 831,106), scheduled for 22 May. Together, these projects total USD 1,180 million, equivalent to USD 1.96 million.
To the above, the scientists’ stoppage in their bases is added, leading to the interruption of 58 projects that are under their management, linked to the main national fisheries (reporting, information processing, result analysis, creation of newsletters on resource status, calls for tenders).
In view of their responsibility for technical advice on the management of fishery resources, SETAI managers express their concern "due to the unilateral decision of IFOPas to modifying the original work plan of the common sardine and anchovy hydroacoustic assessment project between Regions V and X, decreasing the acoustic, oceanographic and biological sampling effort in Regions IX, X and XIV, placing a major question mark regarding the representativeness of the results. This may lead to the failure of the study".
Under this scenario, they make a call to the Undersecretary of Fisheries to keep this situation in mind, "given his responsibility in the management of resources and the use of this information as well as the industrial and artisanal sectors, whose activity is subject to fishing quotas, as the results of the above mentioned project are relevant. as they make it possible to know the status of the resource and to provide the background for management actions (quota variation), which is why we believe that these agents can not be oblivious to the situation in which the research currently carried out by IFOP is undergoing, whose responsibility is on the researchers holding the strike."
From SETAI they expressed hope that a meeting with IFOP will make them resume their activities.

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