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Lobster fee colletion plans go ahead

PEI lobster fisherman. (Photo Credit: Prince Edward Island Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries)

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Monday, May 25, 2015, 02:30 (GMT + 9)
Some stakeholders believe that getting Canada's largest lobster fishery to accept the levy is key to introducing the proposed marketing initiative.
According to media sources consulted by, while in Prince Edward Island (PEI) the legislation intended to collect funds through a lobster levy is at the Marketing Council, in Nova Scotia consultations among fishermen and consumers are being conducted.
Prince Edward Island (PEI) government informed lobster fishermen that there is time for them to send their opinion on the best way to implement legislation intended to collect funds through lobster levy.
PEI Marketing Council secretary Ian McIsaac explained that the plan is for two cents — one from the fishermen and one from the buyers — to be deducted from every pound of lobster that crosses weighing stations’ scales and for that money to be applied to marketing, The Guardian reported.
“We’ve sent a memo downtown and we’ve made a recommendation ... to approve the regulations that were drawn up by the Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Association (PEIFA) and the lobster fishers. So that’s our responsibility,” the secretary stressed.
Local media sources informed that the final steps to approving the Lobster Commodity Board under the Natural Products Marketing Act is up to provincial cabinet, but the provincial election temporarily short-circuited that process.
For his part, Ian MacPherson, PEIFA manager, said he anticipates the process can be completed in time for the levy, or at least a portion of it, to be collected from this spring’s landings.
Meanwhile, Nova Scotia's Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell remarked that a significant part of his province's most lucrative lobster fishery could soon be on board with some sort of lobster marketing levy, The Canadian Press reported.
Colwell clarified that to date there has been resistance to the fee and that fishermen still haven't agreed to the idea but he stressed the fee could move ahead after consultations are concluded with the buyers.
As for the overall status of the initiative, Nova Scotia minister said fishing organizations in eastern Nova Scotia are in favour of a levy, while buyers in the western part of the province are interested in paying a fee as part of a licensing agreement.
All in all, Colwell forecasts that given the complexities involved in the issue, it is likely a new fee won't be in place until sometime next year.


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