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Galicia aids Mozambique in artisanal fisheries and rural aquaculture

Fishermen holding a net at Pinda, Mozambique. (Photo Credit: Stig Nygaard/CC BY 2.0)

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Friday, June 19, 2015, 23:20 (GMT + 9)
CETMAR Foundation, the Secretariat of Marine Affairs, Inland Waters and Fisheries of Mozambique through the National Institute of Aquaculture Development (INAQUA) and the National Institute of Fishing Research (IIP) are working on the implementation of a project, funded by Xunta de Galicia through Galician Cooperation, which aims to strengthen the development of artisanal fisheries and rural aquaculture in the area of Cabo Delgado, in this African country.
The director and a technician of the Technology Centre of Marine Affairs travelled to Mozambique last week for the implementation of this initiative. The aim is to improve living conditions and to diversify the source of income of rural communities through the development of inland small-scale aquaculture in Mueda, and to rationally and steadily capture the fishery resources in the province of Cabo Delgado.
The purpose of this project, which will be developed during the current year, is aligned with the priorities of the Mozambican government, which are the contribution to poverty reduction and food security.
The initiative seeks to achieve an improvement in the living conditions of communities through increased employment and yields of small scale producers’ activities. At the same time, the knowledge of the fishery resource status and their management will enable an orderly, rational, fair and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture development.
CETMAR Foundation will provide technical, logistical and administrative support for the implementation of different planned actions, such as the support to INAQUA in the design and implementation of a working plan to implement new production models in aquaculture (pond selection, conditioning and restocking for tilapia farming, evaluation and technical monitoring). Moreover, it will support the IIP in implementing protocols for cephalopod stock assessment to ensure the sustainability of resources and better fisheries management.
The Technology Centre of Marine Affairs met with INAQUA and IIP directors to reinforce previous actions carried out by these institutions and to define a roadmap in this new joint working era.

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