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Galician mussel seeks to boost collaboration on PDO

Galician mussel. (Photo: PCS)

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Monday, June 22, 2015, 00:20 (GMT + 9)
The recent visit of Galician authorities to the full Mussel Regulating Council of Galicia has been helpful to inform the representatives about the Council's objectives in this period, which are specified in four: the development of a new regulation, the consolidation of the PDO (Protected Designation of Origen), the strengthening of research and control of labelling regulations and of breaches against the PDO.
The Secretariat for Rural and Marine Affairs, Rosa Quintana, stressed the good evolution experienced by the PDO, which each year has been increasing the certified kilograms as well as the product quality, which is guaranteed by the requirement of a meat yield.
Council President Francisco Alcalde welcomed the willingness shown by Quintana and requested a meeting to specify the way the collaboration would be carried out, which obtained a positive response from the secretary.
At the meeting, which took place last Tuesday, the Regulatory Council of Galician Mussel requested institutional support for the completion of the PDO, by:
  • Launching communication campaigns aimed at consumers to transfer the benefits and attributes of the PDO, thus contributing to the enhancement of seafood from Galicia;
  • Carrying out design and development programmes to improve quality;
  • Aiding operators involved in programmes to improve production.
Another issue discussed was the way in which research can be strengthened in order to do market studies and develop commercial improvement guidelines as well as investigate what is happening with mussels and the sea, regarding circumstances that may affect the mussel. In this regard, the Council requested funds from the Secretariat to boost its R+D+I department.
The Regulatory Council also demanded the enforcement of labelling regulations and offenses against the PDO in mussel products. Moreover, in order to facilitate the differentiation of the Galician mussel, it stressed that it would be necessary for the mussel to indicate its origin in all processed products and preserves.
On the other hand, it requested collaboration from the regional department so as to perform the legal processing of a new regulation to the Council, since the current one dates back to the year 2000 and requires adapted articles to the new legislation on PDO, new market circumstances and the current industry conditions.

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