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Creative Seafood Products Made with the Finest Fish

  (GERMANY, 4/18/2016)
Greenland Seafood's processing companies are the most modern in Europe. The company's state-of-the-art fish processing plant is directly located at the seaside, at the Jadebusen in Wilhelmshaven producing 1,3 million fish meals.
With creativity, best ingredients and international experience Greenland Seafood's in-house research & development team create an assortment of the finest seafood, offering innovation, safety and a high convenience level.
Greenland Seafood's own brands.
More than 400 employees guarantee that highest quality standards are fulfilled on all 10 production lines. Full three dayshifts ensure absolute flexibility and security of supply.
Greenland Seafood offers a variety of breadings, including cornflakes, potato and à la Meunière.
Greenland Seafood's internationally experienced sales team ensures that customers' requests and orders are handled quickly and to their perfect satisfaction.
The facilities in Wilhelmshaven.
The company's own brands include Sea Side, Your fish! and Mare fino, offering fish fingers, portion fillets, breaded portion fillets, snacks, gourmet fillets, cubes & portions and, natural fillet specialities all prepared with high quality fish. Greenland Seafood also offers raw fish including Alaska pollock, wild salmon, hake, hoki, saithe, haddock and cod.
Greenland Seafood Europe with its high annual use of raw materials depends on the preservation of the marine resources. Consequently the company supports sustainable fisheries with its sustainable management and purchase strategy. Greenland Seafood Europe produces many products based on MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified raw materials in its factory, which meets the MSC Chain of Custody standard for seafood traceability.
Greenland Seafood Europe plant utilize MSC certified raw material.
The Greenland Seafood factory in Wilhelmshaven has been evaluated and certified with the IFS Food Grade “High Level” and is also certified with the BRC “A-Grade”.
Greenland Seafood offers a wide range of value added and raw fish products.
Greenland Seafood's Sales office is located in Bremen, Germany and serves Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and all other Eastern European countries. The Sales office located in Paris, France serves Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain and Italy.
About Greenland Seafood Wilhelmshaven GmbH
Greenland Seafood Wilhelmshaven GmbH.
Greenland Seafood Wilhelmshaven GmbH processes and distributes frozen white fish in Germany.
The company was formerly known as Royal Greenland Seafood GmbH and changed its name to Greenland Seafood Wilhelmshaven GmbH in December 2013.The company has two sales arms, Greenland Seafood Europe Gmbh, for the northern European market and Greenland Seafood Europe SAS, for southern Europe
Greenland Seafood Wilhelmshaven GmbH was founded in 1995 and is based in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. As of December 18, 2013, Greenland Seafood Wilhelmshaven GmbH operates as a joint venture between Meridian Investment Group Pte. Ltd. and Sahara Investment Group Private Limited.
Source: Greenland Seafood Wilhelmshaven GmbH

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