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MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA , incorporated in January 27, 2001, is an established full scale manning agency. 

Duly accredited by the Indonesia Overseas Employment Administration (IOEA) to recruit and 
deploy qualified seafarers for international vessels, it provides quality and cost effective 
operations adaptable to the needs of principals and ship owners.
To assure excellent service, the company embarks to deploy onboard competent, qualified, 
duly certified and medically fit seafarers. Crew are required to attend in-house 
training, pre-employment briefings and continuous education and trainings to update their 
knowledge and hone their skills.
To ensure efficient crew management,MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA established the management policy to be the 
guiding principle of every employee in the Manning agency in their day to day activities in 
order to provide quality service to its clients.

MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA provides for sophisticated crew management solution, ensuring that client care, 
ethics and professionalism through good management policies, effective training of crew 
and the possession of appropriated qualification factors.
Recognizing that quality of crew has a direct bearing on the ship's overall achievement; 
the company embarks on an intensive superior search and selection of its officers and 

MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA visualizes an emergent manning agency, committed to providing quality 
crew compliant to the requirements of international STCW regulations on ship manning 
and administration.
This vision established MOLAJAYA SAMUDERA's tradition of high quality and efficient operations.
 It shaped the company's core purpose and core values.

With the social mission and train, crew having strong interest to keep pace in the global era.

It is mean that they may become professional and ready for use crew the social mission 
and train, crew having strong interest to keep pace in the global era.It is mean that they may 
become professional and ready for use crew

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