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What’s it like working as a Deck Officer?
Working in an executive department responsible for the navigation, manoeuvring and safe handling of the ship, communications between ship and shore, the handling and delivery of cargo, and the operation of all lifesaving devices, the role of a Deck Officer is vital onboard a merchant vessel.
As the highest ranking Deck Officer, the Chief Officer – also known as the First Officer – will have the ultimate responsibility for the handling of cargo and the efficient running of the ship. With the assistance of lower ranking Deck Officers, all of whom have to be certified by examination after completing the appropriate qualifying sea time, this team keeps the ship and its crew safe, secure and in business.
As part of the deck department team, Deck Officers spend time on the bridge navigating the ship and out on deck where weather conditions can be dark and stormy, or beautifully warm and bright. Onboard, Deck Officers usually have their own internal cabin with ensuite facilities, and on larger ships they may have access to leisure facilities.
As work patterns for Deck Officers are in shifts for between a few weeks and several months at a time, Deck Officers spend long periods away from family and friends. However, holiday leave is generous in order to compensate for the time spent away from home.

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