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What’s it like working as a Engineering Officer?
As key crewmembers within the Engineering Department onboard a ship, 
Engineering Officers aid the Chief Engineer in maintaining and operating all 
mechanical and electrical equipment on board. This includes control of the 
ship’s engines, pumps and fuel systems, cargo handling equipment, lifts, 
computer-controlled engine management systems, refrigeration and ventilation 
systems, and sewage treatment and purifiers. Put simply, ships cannot function 
without the important work of the engineering department.
Engineering Officers bring a number of skills to their roles, including 
problem-solving to diagnose faults in equipment, managing, monitoring, 
maintaining and adjusting equipment, and dismantling, repairing and 
reassembling equipment. While most of the working day is spent in the engine 
control room, Engineering Officers are also required to work in the engine room 
of the ship which may be noisy, hot and claustrophobic.
Shift patterns apply to Engineering Officers, so that 24 hour maintenance 
coverage is available onboard; working patterns vary according to the type 
of ship.

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